e-Mudhra – Digital Certificate Provider and Its Uses

e-Mudhra is a service provided by the Information technology act of India, for providing licensed certificate to the Indian citizens. This service has been provided, since 2008 and is also known as the licensed certifying authority of India. Emudhra also offers various solutions to large scale business, individuals, organizations and small and medium scale businesses, as well. In addition to the Digital certificate solution, e-mudhra also provides services like PAN Card online applications, Tax filing services, Digital signing solutions, etc.

What is e-Mudhra

Digital Signature: 

A digital signature is an electronic form of signature, which can be used for authenticating the sender of a particular message or a signature of the document. Including this, it also ensures that the original content has not been altered by the third person. They are easily transportable and cannot be imitated by someone else.

Digital Signature Certificate: 

Digital Signature certificate (DSC), is an electronic form of any physical or paper certificate, which includes Driving license, PAN card, passport or Aadhaar Card. This serves as a proof of identity of an individual. Including this, it can also be used to access information or can also be used to avail services via online.

Difference between Digital Signature and Digital Signature Certificate: 

Digital Signature is a method of electronically signing a document. On the other hand Digital Signature Certificate is a computer generated record, which can be used as a. proof of identity. DSC is also signed by the certifying authority who issues it and has a validity period of one or two years.

Uses of E-Mudhra: 

These are the uses of e-Mudhra or the Digital Signature Certificate:

  • Individual can use this for sending or receiving mail digitally signed or encrypted mails.
  • Can perform secure online transactions
  • Identification of other persons transactions.
  • In the online services like Income Tax filing, Tendering, Procurement, etc.
  • Signing of documents like MSWord, MSExcel, PDFs, etc.
  • Plays important role in creating paperless office.

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