Reasons for Not using PAN Card while Booking Tickets in Tatkal

PAN is an acronym of Permanent Account Number, which is widely used in our country by working people. This PAN Card can also be used as a government identification proof, in many circumstances. This PAN card can be availed by individuals above the age of 18 years, however, this card can be availed for minor and infants and can be used as an identification proof. Above 18 years, they can use it as a photo identity card. Although PAN card does not have any address, so there is no need for change of address, if any.

Many people use this PAN card as an identification proof while booking train or bus tickets, while taking government examinations, etc. However, there is a talk that our PAN card can be misused, when we provide the number while booking Tatkal Ticket. In this article, we are going to discuss about those kind of activities and reason for avoiding the use of PAN card, while booking ticket.


  • It has been found that, if we use PAN card for Tatkal booking, then there is a chance that our details can be secured by hackers and used illegally like carrying out illegal transactions.
  • It was made mandatory for traders, to collect tax from customers, who purchase for more than INR 2 lakh.
  • By this method, the jewellers have to furnish the PAN of customers, who have purchased for huge amount.
  • For this purpose, it is said that traders will try to quote the benami PAN card, with the reserved railway compartment passenger’s name, since it is easy to find the name, age and sex of the individual.
  • After such a possibility, railway department has stopped publishing the PAN details in the reservation chart.
  • Due to this, railway department has asked the individual not to publish the PAN card details while booking for Tatkal Tickets.
  • Since the genuine tax payers are getting affected in this system.

So, we have to stop using PAN Card as an identification proof, while booking for Tatkal Ticket, in railways.

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