Procedure for Linking Aadhaar Card with Gas Connection in 2019

Aadhaar Card, is an official identification proof, that is gaining importance nowadays. Government has made it mandatory, that each and every citizen of India, should register and receive their Aadhar card. Recently, government has also taken steps in order to link the Aadhaar number with other government identification proofs like, PAN card, Driving license, etc. In addition to this, we also have to link our Aadhaar number with Gas connection, SIM card, Bank account, etc. With the help of this, government can get all the details about the individual, with this Aadhaar number.

In this article, we are see about the step by step procedure for linking your Aadhaar number with the LPG connection. The process remains the same for all the gas connections available. The agencies like Bharat gas, HP gas and Indane are some of the LPG brands available, to Indian citizens.

Step by Step Procedure for Linking Aadhaar Card with Gas Connection:

 There are many ways to link your Aadhaar card with your Gas connection. They are as follows:

  • Through Online
  • Through Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)
  • Through SMS
  • Through Offline mode

Procedure 1: Through Online:

If you wish to link your Aadhaar card with the Gas connection, you must follow the below steps. Before which you have to make sure, you have registered your mobile number with your gas connection.

Step 1: Visit the official page by clicking the below link

Step 2: You will be redirected to the government official website. In this page, you have to enter your details like Your location, LPG gas type, the Scheme name, the distributor name and your LPG customer ID.

Step 3: After this you will have to provide your mobile number and email address.

Step 4: Enter the Aadhaar card number and Verification code as well and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 5: Once you submit the information you will receive an OTP, in your registered mobile number and email address.

Step 6: Enter the OTP, in the space provided and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 7: Once submitted, your request will be processed in 7 working days and your Aadhaar card will be linked with your gas connection.

Procedure 2: IVRS Method:

To link Aadhaar card with gas connection, you can call their customer care number as well. However, it should be done with the registered mobile number.

Step 1: You will have to visit the official page of the distributor.

Step 2: Find the specific customer care number for your district and state.

Step 3: Make the call from your registered mobile number and the customer care executive will ask for your details like Name, Customer ID, Aadhaar Number, etc.

Step 4: Once you provide the correct information, your customer care executive will do the task for you.

Step 5: You will receive an SMS for the same and your request will be completed in 7 working days.

Procedure 3: SMS Method:

Another option to linking Aadhaar number with gas connection is through SMS. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Check whether your mobile is registered with your LPG provider

Step 2: If not registered, you can register it by sending SMS in the following format.


Step 3: Send an SMS to the number specific to your State or District

Step 4: Once registration is done, you can send another SMS from your mobile in the following format.

            UID<AADHAAR NUMBER> and send it to the same number as the last message.

Step 5: Once this is done, you will receive a confirmation SMS for linking and your request will be completed in 7 business days.

Procedure 4: Offline Mode 

You can also link the Aadhaar number with gas connection, by visiting your LPG agency.

Step 1: Ensure that you are carrying the Gas book, Aadhaar number and Form no: 2 application form.

Step 2: Fill in the required details in the application form.

Step 3: Provide the LPG ID in the form and visit the nearby agency, with the documents.

Step 4: Furnish the form to the representative and make sure you obtain the acknowledgement slip from him.

Step 5: After verification, your request will be processed and will be completed in 7 business days.

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