Procedure for Checking Aadhaar Card Correction Update Status

Enrolling for a new Aadhaar card is a tiring process, since there is only limited Aadhaar enrolment centres compared to our Indian population. Most of the centres are jam-packed and chance for uploading wrong information increases, due to this tight schedule. However, we will not be able to identify the error in our aadhaar card on this spot and we have to wait till we receive our aadhaar card online or offline. After receiving the aadhaar card, if there is any information that needs to be updated, we have to walk in again to the nearest aadhaar enrolment centres.

Error can be caused in many details like Spelling of Names, Address change, Mobile number updation or Date of Birth modification. Sometime, we need to change our photo as well, due to the reasons like clarity issues. In this case, if you have placed a correction request of aadhaar card through online or offline mode and wondering how to check the status of the updation, then you can get a clear picture through this article.

In this article, we have given the step by step procedure for finding the Status of the Update Procedure.

Check Correction Update Status – Step by Step Process: 

Step 1: Visit the official site, ‘Unique Identification Authority of India’, by government.


Step 2: Under the ‘HOME’ tab, you will find option named ‘Aadhaar Online Services’. We have highlighted the option.

Aadhaar Online Services

Step 3: Under this you will find hyperlink named, ‘Aadhaar Update’, as highlighted below.

Aadhaar Update

Step 4: Below this topic, you will find another option, ‘Check Status – Updation done at Online’

Check Status – Updation done at Online

Step 5: When you click the above option, you will be redirected to another webpage, with the following details.

Aadhar Self Help

Step 6: In this you have to mention your Aadhaar number and the URN provided to you at the Enrolment centre. 

Step 7: After entering the Verification code, you can find the status of aadhaar card that you have requested to modify. 

Update Statuses under Modification Portal: 

There are three possible outcomes, when you check for the status. They are ‘Under Review, Rejected  and Successful’. 

  • Under Review: If the status is ‘Under Review’, then you have to wait for few more days, until the status has been updated to the next level. This means the verification of your documents are under progress.

Rejected: If the status has been modified to ‘Rejected’, it may be due to the following errors:

  • Incorrect details submitted by the individual
  • Inadequate documents submitted and need more documents for verification
  • Human errors, while filling up the form again.

Once the Status changes to Rejected, you have to make the changes and provide the required documents in the enrolment centre again. 

  • Successful: After the status changes to ‘Successful’, you will be allowed to download the ‘Aadhar Card’ online. You will also receive the hard copy in a few days.

We hope from this document you can get a clear picture on how to check the status of the ‘Updation of Aadhar Card and Downloading the Updated Aadhaar card copy’.

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