How to Use mAadhaar to Enter Airport Across India in 2019

Indian Government is focused on making the Aadhaar Card a Unique document, that can be used as an identification proof in all the sectors. They have also requested its citizens to link this Aadhaar card with other identification proofs, Bank account, Insurance policies, etc. In addition to this, they have also introduced a digital form for using this card, through a mobile app, known as mAadhaar. This digital format of the card is accepted in Indian Railways, as a valid identification proof. Recently, they have made this an official proof, that can be carried in your pocket for entering the airport, across India, as well.

Download mAadhaar

The circular for carrying the mAadhaar was passed by the aviation security agency, Bureau of Civil Aviation Security(BCAS). This method is considered to be most comfortable for most of the passengers, since they can carry this single document, instead of carrying a bunch of documents. However, if there are any children in the group, they can accompany their parents and do not need any separate identification card.

Steps for Using mAadhaar as an Identity Card for Entering Airport: 

  • You have to carry the smartphone in which you have the mAadhaar App.
  • Open the app and enter the password in the app, which you have set during the installation of the app on your mobile phone.
  • After entering your password, the digital Aadhaar card will be displayed.
  • This card can be displayed at the entrance security personnel and this will be accepted as a valid identification proof.

From now on you can carry only your smartphone, where the mAadhaar app is installed and you can enter any Indian airport.

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