How to Update Date of Birth in Aadhaar Card in 2019

Aadhaar Card, is one of the strongest identification proof in India and Indian government has requested all its citizens to register for their Aadhaar card, as soon as possible. This card consists of a 12-digit unique identification number and along with this individuals are requested to provide their biometric information like Retina scan, fingerprint, etc. However, once in a while there is a necessity for change in information provided due to Human errors in enrolment centers. In order to tackle such situations, Indian Government has also facilitated the procedure for updating the information like Name, Date of Birth, Age, Gender, etc.

Such demographic information can be updated through offline mode, by visiting the Aadhaar enrolment centers, along with the necessary documents. In this article, we are going to discuss the procedure for updating the Aadhaar card information through offline mode.

Step by Step Procedure for Updating Aadhaar Card Details: 


  • With the help of this form, the demographic information like Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Age, Address, Relationship Status, Email ID and Mobile number can be updated.
  • Provide the correct information while filling the form.
  • In addition to this, provide proper documents, with the help of which the personnel in the Aadhaar enrolment center, can verify the provided information.
  • Once the form, has been submitted, you will be provided with a Unique reference number (URN).
  • An individual can check the status of their update request through online with the help of the Aadhaar number and the Unique reference number provided, at the enrolment center.
  • Please find below the link for checking the status of update request:


Individuals can update the demographic information only through the offline mode. The address change facility has only been provided online, on the official UIDAI website. If an individual is willing to change address alone, he can do that through online.

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