Steps to Setup and Manage an Aadhaar Enrolment Centre in Your City


Aadhaar card is becoming one of the most important government identification card and there are many centres opened in each and every cities, so that all the citizens can get their aadhar card, without any hassle. Even though, there are many centres, in and around the cities, there are still some centres that are jam-packed. In order to rectify this situation, many enrolment agencies are hired by the registrars for tackling the over crowding in specific centres. These centres are setup and maintained under contract basis, as well as they can be setup in permanent or temporary basis.


Types of Aadhaar Card Enrolment Centres: 

There are two types of Aadhaar card enrolment centres. They are as follows:

  • Permanent Aadhaar Centre – These centres are opened by the Government
  • Temporary Aadhaar Centre – These centres are privately opened with the help of the enrolment agencies.

How to Start up the Aadhaar Card Enrolment Agency? 

  • We can start an Aadhaar card enrolment centre only after we get permission from the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and with the help of the Enrolment Agencies, present across the country.
  • Enrolment agencies are set up by the UIDAI, in order to receive both demographic and biometric data of Indian citizens, around the country.
  • UIDAI, provides the guidelines to registrar for setting up an Aadhaar card enrolment centre. Following this, registrar verifies and approves the plans and provides validity certificate to the biometric devices, for setting up an Aadhaar enrolment centre.
  • The most important work of a registrar is to find a perfect location to start an aadhaar enrolment centre. The location is finalised based on the area population and the waiting time in the nearby aadhaar centres.
  • After the selection of the location, registrar provides pre-enrolment data and enrolment centre deployment plan.
  • With this information, Enrolment agencies works to setup an Aadhaar card enrolment centre. Enrolment agencies also provides infrastructure in order to run an Aadhar enrolment centre, which also includes arranging staff members who are certified operators and supervisors.
  • After setting up of the Aadhaar card enrolment centre, Enrolment agency provides information to the registrar, who in turns supervises the facilities and checks for the readiness of the aadhaar enrolment centre according to the checklist provided by the UIDAI.

Step by Step Procedure: 

  • Step 1: Selection of Location by registrar
  • Step 2: Receiving approval of deployment plan, provided by registrar from UIDAI
  • Step 3: Enrolment agencies provides both Hardware and Software devices for setting up the centre
  • Step 4: After setting up, certified Staff members are provided by the Enrolment agencies
  • Step 5: Creating awareness about the centre among the citizens.
  • Step 6: Checklist verification by registrar

In order to get information about your nearest enrolment centre, you will require details like Contact person, Mobile Number and Address. These will be provided in the government website for Aadhaar.

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