How to Search the Nearest Aadhar Card Centre Around You?

As much as breathing is important for living, as much as having an Aadhaar card enrollment for your existence in India. The government of India has been stressing a lot over making each and every citizen of India fall under the coverage of Aadhaar card as much possible. They have been taking every possible step to make the Aadhar card enrollment for the common man, as easy as possible.

At present day, even buying a Sim card, filing income tax return or getting your business registration is impossible without you having a valid Aadhaar card hence it gets more of a survival issue to be enrolled into this center database that is supposed to be having a record of all your day-to-day activities. Aadhar is meant to be working as a universal identity as a proof of you being a promised citizen of India. So, it is advisable to complete your enrollment into the same, as soon as possible.

The necessary documents to complete the same is, your address proof which needs to be of your permanent/present address, any identity proof, in case of adults; license, pan card or a ration card can work. In case of minors, their school identity card will work just well. For the remainder of the procedure, your biometric data will be taken, which includes your thumb impression, iris scanning, and an on-the-spot picture. For your convenience, the government of India has opened several start-ups in almost every location across the entire country and all its cities.

You can Locate the Nearest Aadhaar Card Centers Following the Steps Mentioned Below:

  • Open the UIDAI website (
  • Go to Aadhar services.
  • Click on locate enrollment centers.
  • A page will open automatically, wherein you should fill in the details such as city name, district, and locality.
  • As soon as you enter a search, all the options nearby you will be displayed on the screen in front of you.


There are several temporary set-ups which are aided by the government for your convenience. You can reach there as and whenever you need to. For better information on the same, you can even call the center and know about all the formalities before coming there.

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