Steps to Download e-PAN Card Online

Permanent Account Number or PAN Card, is one of the government identification proof, which can be availed by individuals, who have their own salary and are bound to pay their taxes. With the help of this PAN card, government can keep track of the financial records of an individual. Individual who have crossed the age limit of 18 years can apply for this PAN card. PAN card is distributed to an individual with a unique 10-digit alphanumeric number. If we lose this crucial document, it is important that we have to file an FIR, stating the time and location, where we have lost our PAN card. This PAN card is issued by two service providers like NSDL and UTI.

We can also apply for an e-PAN card, under following circumstances like damages, lost, theft or inaccuracies in data. To help the individual in such circumstances, government has launched a new system of e-PAN card, where individual can reprint their PAN online. In this article, we are providing details on how to download this e-PAN card from the official website.

Procedure for Downloading e-PAN Card Online: 

  • Fill in the details asked in this page like Name, Phone Number, Email ID.
  • Once you submit this form, you will receive an e-PAN card in your mail address given by you in the page.
  • This document will be sent in the PDF format and individual can download their e-PAN Card from their mail.

Once you download the e-PAN from the official website, you can print the PAN card and use it as an identification proof. It is essential that we have to file an FIR, when we lose our PAN card, so that it is not misused by other people. Many individuals are finding it difficult to go through this legal process and apply for a new PAN card. However, this should be avoided in the future.

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