How to Check PAN Card Validity Status

PAN Card is an acronym of Permanent Account number, which is a government identification proof and issued to Indian citizens who are bound to pay their taxes. This card is issued by the Indian Income TaX Department and considered to be the most important identification proofs. This PAN card has Unique alphanumeric numbers for each individual. This PAN card is issued, to bring into account the financial transaction of each and every person. This PAN card can be used as an identification proof, all over India and is valid for a lifetime. In addition to this, the PAN card is not affected by any change in address.

In this article, we are providing detailed information on steps to check the validity of the PAN card and to know the steps for checking if the PAN card has been deactivated or not.

Step by Step Procedure for Checking for Validity of PAN Card: 

Step 1: In order to check for the validity of the PAN card, you have to login to the official website of Income Tax Department. Click the below link for navigating to the official website:

Pan_Card Validity

Step 2: Provide the mandatory details in the website like Surname, Status, Date of Birth and Mobile Number. Please note that the mobile number provided, should be the one registered with the PAN card.

Step 3: After filling in the details, you have to click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 4: Once you have submitted the form, you will be redirected to another page. In this page, you will find a space for entering your OTP number, that has been sent to the registered mobile.

Step 5: Once you provide the information that they have asked for, you will be allowed to check the status of your PAN card. If the status is ‘Active’, then we need not worry about deactivation.

Step 6: If you possess multiple PAN cards, then there will be a notification display like ‘There are multiple records for this query. Please provide additional information. You will be asked for multiple details including Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, etc.


Currently, Government has deactivated the PAN card of over 11.5 Lakh individuals, on various reasons like Fake PAN cards, violated rules, etc. Because of this, it is better to check the validity of your PAN card online. Government has also identified that many people are using PAN card under the name of the  person, who has passed away. In order to avoid such situations, PAN users can check their validity online, through the official website of Income Tax department.

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