How to Avail Benefits of LPG Subsidy with Aadhar Card in 2019

Aadhaar Card, is an important government identification proof, issued to each and every Indian citizen, as a proof of residence. However, this card cannot be used as a proof of citizenship in India. This card consist of a 12-digit unique numeric sequence, which is issued based on their biometric details and demographic details. This is issued by the ‘Unique Identification Authority of India’. This card can also be used as a valid government identification proof and is gaining more importance day by day. Government has also requested each and every citizen, to link their Aadhaar card with their other proofs like Gas Connection, Bank Account, Electricity, PAN card, Driving License, etc.

 LPG Subsidy:

LPG Subsidy means the Direct Benefit Transfer of subsidy in the Aadhaar linked bank account of Indian citizens. When government directly transfers the benefit to the customer accounts, it can avoid the leakages and misuse of the account. Now all the Aadhaar linked LPG consumers, will get an advance in their bank account, as soon as they book their first subsidised cylinder. They receive the amount even before the cylinder is delivered to them.

Aadhaar Card Mandatory for getting LPG Subsidy: 

Before few months, it was not mandatory for linking the Aadhaar card with their LPG gas cylinders for getting the subsidy. However, currently it government has declared that it is mandatory for registering our Aadhaar number for availing the LPG subsidy. It has also provided timeline till November, for getting this procedure done.

Currently, government provides 12 cylinders with capacity of 14.2 kg, to the Indian households. These cylinders are provided at subsidised rate for each and every household. The subsidy will be transferred to the customers accounts and the consumers will then avail for LPG cylinders at market rate. From November, each and every individual who is willing to avail this subsidy, has to furnish the Aadhaar card to prove their identity.

Individuals who have not availed for Aadhaar card, has been requested to register for their Aadhaar card on or before November 30, 2017. All Indian citizens, should register for their Aadhaar card within this time period. Until the time, the user gets his Aadhaar card, he can avail this subsidy with Bank Photo Passbook, along with the following proofs:

  • Aadhaar Enrolment slip
  • Voter ID
  • Ration Card
  • Passport or
  • Driving License

With the help of this facility, government can make sure that an individual is not using some other’s consumer ID, in order to avail LPG subsidy. This procedure is to followed with immediate effect in all Indian states, except Assam, Meghalaya and Jammu & Kashmir. Once this is implemented, no one will be able to misuse the facilities offered by the government.

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