How to Apply for NSR Card – Step by Step Guide

NSR is an acronym of National Skills Registry and is associated with NASSCOM. NSR is the initiative taken by NASSCOM, which is a trade association of all the IT/IteS/BPO sector companies in India. NASSCOM aims in promoting the interest of IT sector companies and helps it grow. They have also taken an initiative called as ‘Trusted Sourcing’, where the details of the candidate are registered in the National Skills Registry and a card is given to the candidate. All his work profile can be updated in this National Skills Registry, by which the IT companies can learn about the entire work background of the individual. Both companies and candidates have separate login ID. Even if the candidate has resigned his job without further notice, it will be updated in the NSR website.

Even when a candidate provides false information, regarding his work experience it can be identified.

Step by Step Procedure for Registering in the National Skill Registry: 

  • Step 1: You can register your personal information, Educational Qualification and Work Experience in the registration page, by clicking the link below: 

  • Step 2: During this registration process, you have to submit the proof of identification along with the biometric information such as finger print, in the NSR office, near your location.
  • Step 3: Once you provide the documents and biometric information, you will be asked to make a payment of INR 300.
  • Step 4: When the payment has been done, you will receive an acknowledgement form.
  • Step 5: Your professional lifetime profile has been created and you will receive the card in the address mentioned by you during the time of registration.
  • Step 6: In addition to the registration fee, you have to pay an annual fee of INR 100 for using the NSR service.

Uses of NSR Card:

Many common folks are unaware of the uses of NSR card. Only IT professionals are aware of the existence of the NSR card, since their company ask them to register their details onto the link as one of the joining procedure. Some of uses are as follows:

  • Once registered we can update or modify our personal information.
  • Companies can do an Empanelled background check of the individual, before hiring them.
  • Individuals can authorize for particular companies to view their profile.
  • They can also block companies, which they do not wish to share their personal information with.
  • Individuals can also check the joining date and relieving date confirmations by the employer companies, before applying for them.
  • Individuals can also receive a NSR e-card, through online.

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