How to Apply for Birth Certificate – Step by Step Process

Birth Certificate is one of the most important document, that records the birth date and time of the child. This certificates is the registration of the birth of the child in an institution. Depending upon the location, the birth may be certified by a midwife or a doctor. In many culture the way of registering the birth was done for knowing the man power and the military power of the country. However, in our country the registration rate of birth is less than the birth rate. Since the birth are not properly registered by many people.  Due to this, for official purposes other proofs that have been registered in the name of the individual like matriculation certificate, provisional certificate, etc., is also accepted in India.

For this reason, government has made the procedure of getting a Birth certificate an easy procedure. The details that will be present in the birth certificate are Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Parent’s Name and address are registered in this certificate. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail about the steps involved in applying for birth certificate.

Step by Step Procedure for Applying for Birth Certificate: 

Step 1: Initially you have to get a Certificate of registration form from the municipality office or a registrar’s office in the region. 

Step 2: After the birth of the child in the hospital, the medical authorities hands out a form with the details of the child’s birth date and time, along with the name given to him or her by their parents.

 Step 3: Within 21 days from the birth date of a child, you have to fill out the form received from the municipal office and submit it to the authorities in the office. If the birth form is not submitted within the specified date, then the certificate will only be issued after the police verification procedure. 

Step 4: Once the details provided in the hospital form is registered by the registrar officer, the birth certificate will be issued to the applicant. Before which applicant has to pay processing fee, which differs with each and every location.

 Step 5: After 7 days from the date of submitting the application, applicant can receive the birth certificate from the concerned officer. In addition to this, if applicant wants an extra copy of the birth certificate, he can mention the same to the officer issuing the birth certificate. 

Step 6: In addition to the offline registration procedure, government has also made it easy for parents to apply for birth certificate through online. In many cities, this online registration procedure is being followed. However, many people are not aware of this online procedure, since this is a recent enhancement available in few cities. 

Documents Required for getting Birth Certificate: 

Below are the list of documents that are required for getting birth certificate of a kid.

  • Parent’s Birth Certificate
  • Parent’s Marriage Certificate
  • Proof of Birth (Including Place, Date, Time)
  • Parent’s Government Identification Proof

However, if we register for birth certificate within 21 days of the child’s birth, these documents are not necessary. Only document from the hospital is sufficient. These documents are required after 21 days of  registration.

Since this is the most important document, which is required for official purposes like getting admission in school, getting employed, while applying for passport and for other official purposes.

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