Do’s and Don’ts of PAN Card Application

PAN is the acronym of Permanent Account Number, which is issued by the Income tax department to the individuals, so that they can submit their income tax returns and government can keep track of the individual’s financial records. A PAN card consists of a 10-digit unique alphanumeric code, where each and every digit has unique significance. A PAN card also has Name of the individual, his father’s name and Date of Birth of the Individual. However, the address of the individual is not present, so that the address need not be changed every time an individual shifts place. This PAN card can also be used as a proof of identity.

PAN card, is one of the most important identification proof and one of the essential for the working employees. In this article, we are mentioning the do’s and don’ts when we apply for our PAN card. With the help of this you can avoid the below mistakes in the future.

What Should be Done when we Apply for PAN Card: 

  • Applicant should use ‘Form 49A’, when applying for the PAN card.
  • Application should be filled with black ink in block letters in English
  • The photo provide should be recently taken and should be of size 3.5 cm X 2.5 cm
  • Applicant should sign within the box provided in the application
  • Applicant should attach a valid proof of identity, proof of Address and proof of Date of Birth along with the application
  • For minor or mentally challenged people, details of representative should be provided
  • Complete address of the individual must be provided, since the card will be sent via post to the mentioned address
  • Provide correct PIN code, while mentioning the address
  • Including this, user should also provide the correct phone number and email ID.
  • In the application, applicant should also mention if he falls under the category of Army, Navy or Air force.
  • When applicant is an illiterate and providing a thumb impression, then it should be verified and signed by the gazetted officer.

What Should be Avoided when we Apply for PAN Card: 

  • Applicant should not make any corrections or over writing in the form
  • Photograph of the individual must be pasted not pinned
  • Signature should not cross the box
  • NO invalid proof for Identity, Address and Date of Birth should be provided.
  • In signature space, only signature should be present and no additional details like name or Date should be provided
  • Applicant should not provide Husband’s name in the Father’s Name column
  • Applicant should not possess another PAN card under his name.

Applicant should remember the above Do’s and Don’ts while he is filling the application for the PAN card.

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