Updated On: 13th August 2020

Aadhaar Card generally first introduced by the government of India in January 2009, Aadhar card literally used as proof of identity and act as a security measure by retaining one biometric scan like fingerprints to prevent mishaps and improving better security to an individual. Therefore, with help of this Adhaar government can now always keep an of the eye on every citizen of India. It is thus those stored in government centralized database and mandatory for every citizen of India.

It might be possible when you mistakenly provided wrong information or incorrect data on Aadhaar Card, but along the way now you can rectify it via their Aadhaar Correction or update portal.



Some Useful Aadhar Updates Article:

Nowadays, Aadhar cards turned out to be having very useful and beneficial to everyone.

  • It can be used and come under direct benefits transfer scheme which is  the subsidies can now be transferred directly to the bank account. With the help of Aadhar Card No. prevents the various malpractices happening and to get rid out of these now, an individual can get the direct benefits of subsidies in their bank account.
  • It is issued and linked to Biometric system in the government database. This ensures government employees come directly under a supervision during late attendance in office and eliminates major flaws which were present prior to the launch of the Aadhar card system. It is made to check the workings of govt. Employees.
  • It can now be used as National crime record bureau to understand and get proper details about an individual or a group of people. It is easy now to check the criminal records too.
  • While there are also benefits of owning an Aadhar card like it can speed up the process of getting a passport. If any individual happens to get his/her Aadhaar no. the process of dispatching the passport can be really quick. Later, the police investigation can be carried on as per norms.
  • The advancement of government plan in Jan Dhan Yojna mentioned opening up a bank account with zero balance through the help of Aadhar card.

Know more about Adhaar Card:

Aadhaar card is nothing but a proof of your biometric scans seeded in the database issued to you by govt of India. It carries a 16 digit no. and which is primarily the one you use everywhere. It is therefore claimed to have world’s largest database in the biometric database which roughly comes around 1.127 billions of aadhar card has been registered.

It is, therefore, cannot be used a proof of Indian citizenship. It helps to get subsidies directly transferred to your bank account so that the account holder can reap all the benefits of long withstanding decision from govt of India.

If you come across any difficulties you can always dial 1947, to get all the details regarding the Aadhaar card status, update from the government issues IVRS option. In case you’re still in two minds get yourself registered for an Aadhar Registration now.

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Must Know: How to Get Aadhaar Card in 2020

Update: The Deadline to link Aadhaar with PAN Card Extended by Govt. Of India. The Govt. On this Friday Decided to Extend the deadline for linking Aadhaar with PAN Card to 31’st March 2018. It’s a Really big relief to all the Tax Payers who have not yet Linked their Aadhaar Card with their PAN Card.

How to Get Aadhaar Card Online:

How to Get e-Aadhaar Online

Steps to Get e-Aadhaar Card by Aadhaar Number in 2020

Aadhaar card is a mandatory identification proof of Indian Government, provided to the Indian citizens. All the individuals are supposed to have their Aadhaar card or at least their Aadhaar Number by the end of this year. Those individuals who have the Aadhaar number can download the soft copy of their Aadhaar card, from the official website. Even for the individual’s who have lost their Aadhaar card, they can also download their e-aadhaar from the website, which can also be used as a valid identification proof. In this article, we are going to discuss the step by step procedure for


How to Get Duplicate Aadhaar Card Copy in 2020 and Print in 2 Minutes

Aadhaar card is a government identification proof, that is provided to all the Indian citizens, belonging to all age groups. Including this, they have also requested its citizens to link their Aadhar number with other important documents like PAN card, Driving license, bank account, etc. The Aadhaar Number is a unique 12-digit number, which is provided after an individual registers his or her details along with their biometric information like IRIS scan and fingerprint scan. Even though, the chance of theft of this Aadhaar Card is minimal, there are chances that the individuals can lose this card. During such situations,


Steps to Get Aadhaar card with Name or Date of Birth

Aadhaar Card, is becoming one of the most important government identification proof nowadays. It is mandatory for every citizen in India to have this identification proof in coming days. Since it takes a lot of time to receive this Aadhaar card, they have made it possible to download the Aadhaar card through online. Even when we lose our aadhar card, we can download the aadhaar card online and make a copy of that. This copy of Aadhaar card is also considered as the valid identification proof. It is possible to download aadhar card, with the help of the Unique Identification


Get Your e-Aadhaar Card Online by Aadhaar Number

You might have come across such situations when you forgot or lost your Aadhaar card. If you can retain the Adhar No it will be possible for you to download the e-Adhar card though UDAI portal. Although, it is an easy process and you can do it by yourself, and get it printed locally to use it as a Adhaar card. We’re providing you few methods to do that in below section. Download your e-Aadhaar Card Online: Now, you can download the e-Aadhaar card by using your Aadhaar number. Let’s look at the given steps below. Step 1: You can


Steps to Get the Aadhaar Card using the Enrolment Number

Updated: 19’th, December, 2017 Now you can Download the Aadhaar Card Online with the help of Enrolment number. It might be possible for you to forgot your Aadhar card no. in such cases your Enrolment number comes handy which can be found on the enrolment slip. You just need few steps to getting ahead with the downloading procedure. Below are few Steps you can go Through to Download your Aadhaar Card: Step 1 First you need to fire up the browser and reach the government UDAI site.  We leave a link to that below. If you come across any difficulties